For the Love of Books: More on the book Mommy's House that Marita Dingus and I created

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Art transports us.

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Marita Dingus’s Art is assembled of repurposed remnants of our culture woven together to create figures. Individually they each have unique stories. Collectively they create a landscape of Black people who will neither be ignored nor forgotten.


By reclaiming both people and "waste," she suggests a connected and respectful path forward.   Spending time with Marita Dingus and her work at Mommy's House has allowed me to witness a world of wonder and repair.


The images in this e-mailer are part of my video slide show, Marita Dingus and Her Mommy's House is currently on view at the White River Valley Museum through May 23rd.

Museum hours are 12- 4 PM Wednesday through Sunday.

You can also view the slide show by clicking on the image bellow


Each medium has a different way of telling a story.  I invite you to explore both the book Mommy's House and the video Marita Dingus and Her Mommy's House.


a letter with some thoughts about connecting to nature and healing the planet




These sculptures fill me with awareness, hope and joy!


The "super low" is when the sea pulls up all her water and reveals some of her mysteries beneath the water line.

multi piece installation

Join other Artist Students as we explore Contemporary Art as well as share your work on Zoom!

No experience necessary

All cameras and artistic mediums welcome

Class size is small 6-9 students.

Monday 10/04- 11/15 - 6 classes and 1 final Celebration Exhibition - fill out class survey to confirm times : ).

Cost is $175 and reach out for more info as well as financial support.


This is for anyone who has felt or been made to feel that making art is something you need to do perfectly - IT IS NOT.

Creating is what we humans we do and shame has no place in connecting with people and places and ourselves.

Making Art 101 is an active and engaging exploration of oneself, a meditation. This particular form is about exploring oneself and the contemporary landscape of art through the meditation of exploring...


The goal of the class is to have fun making art, hanging out with other Student Artists and walking away some inspiring imagery from this period of their life.

Student Artists will bring in photographs (previous work welcome as long as mixed with new work), have their screens on and be supported and supportive of the other Student Artists. It promises to be an enjoyable time.

This class is for Teens and open to Tweens. All...



What I can help you learn??? I know we will have so much to learn together!


Whether you have been happily and successfully making art for years, struggling with bumps and hurtles or somewhere in the middle (me!) or taking early steps – it is nice to hang out, learn about other artists and share insights with each other about our art in a supportive environment! If you are a photographer – great, that work translates really well as a screen share but I am open to other mediums too and you wont be the only...

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Seattle is casual for a big city, please wear what makes you feel good! It can get cool and you may need rain gear.

Saturday: Ties and dresses not needed, but welcome, shoes required.

Sunday: fun casual. Wear layers so you can adjust as temperature changes, comfy walking shoes or sneakers, weather permitting the plan is to spend time outside playing, walking around or sitting on chairs under trees listening to music.