Art as Meditation 101

This is for anyone who has felt or been made to feel that making art is something you need to do perfectly - IT IS NOT.

Creating is what we humans we do and shame has no place in connecting with people and places and ourselves.

Making Art 101 is an active and engaging exploration of oneself, a meditation. This particular form is about exploring oneself and the contemporary landscape of art through the meditation of exploring oneself through making art. Through the lens of my work as an artist, an activist and years of making art/ art meditating, I have created a format to support participants in their journey.

No prior experience necessary and bring all your experiences - seemingly related or not!

The Goal of this Class is for participants to explore why their work resonates for them personally.

Looking at a wide range of artists and uncovering strategies in others supports participants choose their own path. We will take the time share ideas around the work of a diverse range of interesting artists I have curated in order to explore many approaches..

This class is for Anyone interested in finding a safe place to deepen and develop their creative process. All mediums welcome with a default of photography. Class size is small 6-9 students

Currently this class will meet Wednesday at 5:00 Pacific and 8:00 Eastern for an hour and a half. HOWEVER I do have a class schedule survey bellow to help accommodate people. It will start October 6 and end on November 17th with a co-created celebration. The class is an hour and a half and the cost is $175-$290 and Please reach out with questions and ideas or to figure what works for you..

  • Class Format:
  • 1.) participants will screen share a photo or two as a way of connecting with other participants and checking in.
  • 2.) I will present the work of both contemporary and historical artists as a jumping off point. From there we can co-create a way discussing work together.
  • 3.) The final segment of the class will be used to share work, where participants can define what type of feedback they are looking for. Finally we will set intentions for the next week.

Please contact me directly if you have questions about the course.


Some books I am currently exploring to share with the group