Marita Dingus Mommy's House

Photographs by Joan Beard

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In 2022 a 4culture grant was awarded to Marita Dingus to create a book with Joan Beard's photographs for the book Mommy's House. The book is a visual exploration of her work, her animals and Marita Dingus at her working studio at her Mommy's House. It was published by Traver Gallery and is available here, at Slipstitch Studio, CoCA Seattle and The Traver Gallery .

a sneak peak at a few layouts

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Here is what people say:

Exquisite photographs by Joan Beard invite us to explore the textures, landscape, and unique history of Marita's family home, now her artist's studio. As with her art, Marita's studio is full of stories, and every object is a potential work of art. This distinctive photo book offers a behind-the-scenes look into the esteemed Seattle artist's life, studio, and artwork. - Traver Gallery

More images from the book

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More on the book

Transported through time, I felt like a silent spectator observing the artist creation through her formative years. Sitting in a comfortable chair, an honored guest.

I could smell the woods around me. The feeling of home, love and a bit of melancholy for people and time passed, a personal gallery, reminiscent of Rodia. Her art representative of her folk. Her work and spirit ranging from childlike whimsy and curious to bigger than life and indomitable. Unforgettably fused, portrayed with a clever craftsman's lense.

Perhaps gone, but never forgotten, Mommy's House is nostalgia captured in art. Memories made from living in a house built with love poured into a reclaimative display that resides on just as we all are conflagrations of the bits and pieces of our own distinct lives, creating our uniquely tailored experiences.

Viq Knight

from a friend 

It's a beautiful book. I truly feel as though I'm there through your pictures. It was hard at times to realize I was looking at two artist because I got so caught up in the pictures. Your pictures transport me. It feels like when I read a good book, but with pictures. I don't know how you do it. Maurita's statues felt like real people with personalities and presence. Amazing.

a friend ;)