Women Artists and Making Our Work 

Whether you have been happily and successfully making art for years, struggling with bumps and hurtles or somewhere in the middle (me!) or taking early steps – it is nice to hang out, learn about other artists and share insights with each other about our art in a supportive environment! If you are a photographer – great, that work translates really well as a screen share but I am open to other mediums too and you wont be the only one!.


What is the format for Women Artists and Making Our Work starting 11.17.20

The format has three parts: 1.) participants will screen share a image or two as a way of connecting with other students and checking in. 2.) I will present the work of an artist and I will share examples as well as reference other materials related to their work. I will explain what I find interesting about their work sometimes after and sometimes before participants share their responses because all responses are valid, important, interesting and inspiring! In community the biggest gift is learning from eachother. 3.) After a brief break, participants will share their work and receive feedback and encouragement.

I am around before and after classes and happy to schedule office hours if you can not make those!


When, how long and  how much?  

Women Artists and Making Our Work will run 5 sessions with office starting November 17th. Outside of class participants will create new imagery, edit old and new work as well as do some journaling. You decide what works for you! Join in regardless as you are welcome and appreciated always!

Class starts in November and runs through early December on Tuesday evenings from 5-6:30 PM. There will be five classes and the final class will be either a celebration with friends and family or deep dive with the other artists in the class – as the participants wish. The cost is $225, initially the class was $275.00 but upon request, I have lowered it to make it easier for more to join in. Scholarships are available so please contact me to find out about availability.

Scholarships are happen in two ways: you are offered one based on my interest in having your voice, perspective and artwork as part of the dialogue or you let me know what kind of support you need and we try and find a way to make it happen. People paying full price support other artists and are welcome to donate more to the scholarship fund..

The goal of the class is to explore art in a supportive, diverse and engaging community.