art over screen time, 2022

my images are maps

My images are maps that have physical representations of land, water and people and point me toward the mystery, the wonder and the possibilities that are here now if we restore our relationship with nature which includes people.


here are some of the many vision boards currently on view in my home :)

For me racial and environmental justice rests in the places of love, respect and connection.

Last year, a shmitta year on the jewish calendar, I went deep into prayer and asked what I could do to grow as an artist and activist.

The answer was make better art..

Not the answer I hoped to receive but specific.

I took it seriously. The work unfolded in surprising ways.

This new year I will be working on a book with Marita Dingus about her work and continuing my project of exploring the textures of nature as way of healing

We are part of nature and nature is part of us.